Letters to the Bouncy Banker...

Letters to the Bouncy Banker...
...from a struggling artiste.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Letter to the Bank #77 (Cleaning Up The Street)

Dear Mr. Bullrider, my personal BM,

I keep coming to you as one who I desperately hope can at least grasp the outer edges of my frustration. You may be blinkered but you are not blind. Your vision is foggy. You, my bank manager, a lowly, vulnerable player in the financial system, need to wipe off your glasses daily but at least you sense the fury out there, and are not completely immune...or so I hope. The majority of your colleagues continue to look on by all appearances choosing to remain oblivious to all the pain their business models inflict. They constantly nickel and dime their struggling clients and consider it par for the course. But what the banks call small change is the very lifeblood of a vast swath of the society they purport to be a part of. They chuckle with delight as the little people try to withdraw their money in protest, knowing as they do that those accounts are so tied up in the business of the banks that closing them causes pain all around. The vampire squid analogy still holds. You feed off us and we inevitably bite that hand and then are dependent on you feeding us more, feeding off us more. This is a sadistic system. You cannot possibly be surprised by the protests. You are however continually smug, condescending and arrogant. You are patronizing. To my mind brilliant people are those with vision, not those who game the system. You want patronizing I’ll patronize you. With my ragged coat I’ll come in and pat you on your shiny bald pate, behind your virtual mahogany desk, look at the status symbols covering your worked out frame and nod pityingly at one who is deluded and needs rescuing from a life of no heart, and only material dreams. So you see two can play at the superiority game. So sad and so wasteful.

These days there should be no shame in being poor or out of work. A lot of shame though does attach to being dubiously wealthy. You need to clean the blood and guts off your own front stoop before complaining about the slightly offensive smell coming from Zuccotti Park. In that respect we can help! There are many of us! There are so many people willing and able to work who are without jobs right now. Thousands could descend on Wall Street with buckets and sponges and scrubbing brushes to get down on hands and knees and do the dirty work you’d never admit to even seeing. How beautiful if we could all enjoy the wondrous spectacle of the great edifices to Mammon gleaming in the sunshine, every inch of their faux Italian marble facades spotless, swabbed clean of all that truly stinks. How wonderful if you could regain the trust of the people. Show us that you genuinely care.

Most sincerely your client, who as ever remains reasonably polite by applying incredible restraint on his own emotions,

Kristian Witherkay

PS-Still working on an image to go with this one.

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