Letters to the Bouncy Banker...

Letters to the Bouncy Banker...
...from a struggling artiste.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Parallel President Missive number 2

image courtesy of the Pierogi Gallery
The Parallel President Missive Number 2

As the parallel president I am free to meander between the lines of current discourse and veer a little from the strictures presented by the Bouncy Banker Institute. As their guest I will however be sure always to bring my notes thundering back to the issues of art and finance, and how they intersect, bash into each other, compliment each and dismantle each other, and, above all, by all appearances, fail to connect.

You’ll wonder then at the extent of my meandering but should know I see connections everywhere. The great late artist, Mark Lombardi, perhaps best expressed this in his brilliant drawings that showed, using information freely available to anybody with a computer and time on their hands, how banks, politicians, generals, corporate interests, dictators and even, probably, obscure terrorist cells, connected, usually via money transactions.

Unchained as I am, unlike the actual president, I can float above the fray and make my observations with impunity. I can offer my own objective/subjective assessment of the messiness below. I can suggest irresponsible actions like burying all the lobbyists, be they for the NRA, the big pharmaceuticals, the insurance companies or the banks, in pits of lye. I’m not quite sure what lye is but you must admit it sounds right.

That is all for now.

The PP

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